AFFA Programs

AFFA offers two Program Groups which meet regularly: Our Parenting Group and ADORASO, our outreach program to the religious community.
In addition we regularly offer workshops on a variety of topics including:
• Spirituality, Sexual and Gender Orientation
• Coming Out
• Principle-Centered Leadership and Management
• Sexual and Gender Orientation Issues

AFFA also administers a Small Grants Program for organizations working with LGBTQQ Youth.


AFFA's Parenting Group is a forum for GLBT families to gather and provide support, resources, services and activities for GLBT parents and their children, as well as GLBT couples considering parenting. Our vision is to create a supportive community for GLBT parents and their families.

For information please e-mail us at or call 843-883-0343


Mission: To render support for LGBT persons, advocates, and faith-based communities seeking equality and inclusion in the realm of spiritual development and religious expression, or to create welcoming communities within their respective denominations.

Possibly the strongest factor affecting the lives of LGBT persons in our day is religion. Faith communities not only inform and shape families and their understanding of sexual orientation; they also shape the communities and the political landscape in which we live. ADORASO is a group of people from a number of differing faith communities-and from no specific tradition, clergy, lay leaders and participants. We have a passion for promoting the dignity of all persons, regardless of sexual orientation.

We believe in the right of every person to be an equal part of the society in which we live. We believe that every person has a right to free religious expression, or no religious expression. We also believe that religious expression should not influence how a civil society determines the value of its citizens, especially in the area of sexual orientation and gender identity. We believe that we are called to provide a process of journey for people to explore and dialogue.

We live in hope of a just society for all people and choose to actively work toward that goal.

For further information or to be put on the ADORASO mailing list, please contact the AFFA office at 843-883-0343, or by e-mail: Please include your surface mail address for future ADORASO notices.

an AFFA resource: Living Openly Within a Faith Community

Small Grants Program

The AFFA Small Grants Program funds programming, organization building and/or support to nonprofit organizations addressing the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth (LGBTQQ). 

Grants will be considered for organizations that are:

  • Based in North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia
  • Nonprofit and exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or utilizing a fiscal sponsor.
  • Nondiscriminatory by policy.
  • Working for fundamental social change and demonstrating practical alternatives to social justice for LGBTQQ youth.

 Grant making Program

Grants are available to grassroots, local and state organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations, which work to improve the quality of life among LGBTQQ youth.  Those organizations, which have not yet received their 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue Service status, must include proof of a 501 (c) (3) fiscal agent.  Grant priority will be given to groups working for long-term social change, and emotional health among LGBTQQ individuals.

 Examples of requests might include:

  • Supporting the activities of Gay Student Associations, implementing Day of Silence or other awareness programs on campus
  • Travel money for students to attend rallies or lobbying days, e.g. attending “Creating Change” or “Campus Pride” events
  • Bringing in out of town speakers for LGBTQQ campus wide events
  • Purchasing needed books or materials for LGBTQQ resource center on campus
  • Collaborative projects with other nonprofits, e.g. a youth organization and film society developing LGBT youth themed film curriculum for the community

 Grant Size

Organizations are eligible for grants from $500 to a maximum of $4,000 per year from the AFFA Small Grants Program.   Funding in subsequent years is conditional on compliance with reporting requirements, continued progress toward meeting stated goals and objectives, and demonstrated impact of activities. 

Please use the link below for the proposal and more information.

Monies for the AFFA Small Grants Program are provided by the Freeman Foundation.

Grant Proposal